Quite Frankly, when I decided to go natural I was in a very uncomfortable place in my life. I had been modeling since freshman year of college, and had developed and grown accustomed to an extremely vain lifestyle. Although sincerely unintentional, I had not realized that for years I had been allowing myself to be groomed to be something I was absolutely not, and certainly did not want to be.

When I finally “woke up” and faced that reality… I became FRANTIC.

From that moment, I decided to become absolutely transparent with myself, and realized that I had been letting everyone’s opinions dictate my value. I decided I wanted to discover who I was, and truly love who I was.

Going natural was a BIG thing for me. It was part of my liberation.

I am absolutely happy with my decision to go natural. I’m proud of the courage I mustered up to “go against the grain”. I encourage all to make the conscious decision to discover themselves. I can say, without a doubt, it’s worth it!

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